Selling Hours:

Buyers are available everyday 10-4   :)

Last check-in is 3:30pm.  Sign in at the Seller Log located at the front counter. 

PLEASE DO NOT BRING IN YOUR ITEMS UNTIL THE BUYER CALLS YOU.  Caterkids has a daily buying limit, when the limit is reached buying items will end regardless of time of the day.


Resale Buying Policy:

Non-Clothing Items:

Manufacturered within 5 years, at buyers discretion if manufactured within 5-10 years. No stains, excessive fading, broken pieces or missing parts. Must include working batteries, otherwise battery fees will be included in offer .  Any items requiring cleaning will have a cleaning fee applied.


How Much Will You Receive?

Based on the estimated resale value determined by Caterkids, you can expect to receive up to 50% of the selling price!
You are never obligated to our offer, you can accept or decline, we are here to offer you a fair offer.  Please let us know if you have any concerns as we value your opinion.
Clothing/Footwear & Accessories:   up to 30% Cash  or 45% Store Credit
Small Toys, Books, DVDs & CDs:  30% - 40%  Cash or Store Credit
Large toys, Baby Gear & Furniture:  up to 50%  Cash or Store Credit

Clothing & Footwear Items: